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Travel booking services that combine technology with a human touch
Consolidated Data
Consolidation helps deliver transparency, particularly in the area of travel and expenses especially to shareholders.
Working with one TMC provides full visibility on expenditure and costs and the methods applied to control and monitor these.

You will benefit from our pre-trip reporting database. When consolidating your travel programme, we can gather data from all our locations to deliver comprehensive pre-trip reporting. This enables you to monitor travel policy compliance & meet your employee safety obligations.
A common travel policy drives operational efficiency through the sharing of supplier programmes. Thus providing greater control, the ability to negotiate more effectively and deliver lower average fares.

We recommend any changes to your travel policy are introduced after the go live stage to ensure we identify areas for improvement and amendment.
Travel Policy
Global Fare Sourcing
If you are not already managing a regional or global program with a single TMC, with no global travel policy or coordinated supplier program in place then significant savings are achievable.

GMO as your travel management company will provide you with unique fare and rate sourcing capabilities, which draws upon our global partner network. This contributes to significant cost reduction.
We’re going beyond a consumer-grade experience to deliver personalized travel booking services that will satisfy your employees’ needs, enhance their satisfaction and support travel policy and compliance.
Compliance and reporting
Travel policy compliance starts with clear guidelines and a well-communicated travel policy. Your business travel policy needs to be widely circulated and understood by your employees.

There are several ways GMO can help you with your compliance control by integration, transparent and detailed reporting followed by clear communication.
Booking Services
We provide comprehensive travel services for all your business needs
Our expertise in this service includes:
  • Air travel booking and issuance for domestic and international flights.
  • Access to our global fare sourcing program enables our clients to access the most efficient and economical airline routes and costs based on agreed service level agreements.
  • Access our specialist rates for ship and offshore crew members, which include increased baggage allowance and preferential terms with airlines.
  • Pre- and post-travel support is provided for each booking and traveler.
  • Supplier programs and corporate programs.
  • Technology Integration and Reporting.
  • Notification and safety travel alerts.
  • Designated travel consultant support.
  • Account management services.
You can expect from us
Our technical advantage allows us to serve our clients with a competitive edge, providing best-in-class tools to tackle the ever-changing and cost dynamic travel market.
Our company operates based on the principle of providing a personalized approach to each client. This method enables us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
Individual Approach
Local Service, Global Network
Good Support
No matter where your business or traveler is located. Our company, with its global network, will be available to meet your travel needs.
We prioritize the customer by ensuring that we offer proactive support. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency or urgent requests.
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