Delivering client focused and innovative travel services
Our specialized service models are designed to cater to our partners with advanced technology and process-based strategies, delivering results that truly matter to each of our customers.
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About our company
GMO Travel, for 26 years, has been providing world-class professional travel service solutions to organizations operating in various specialist sectors globally.

Our specialized service models are designed to cater to our partners with advanced technology and process-based strategies to deliver results that truly matter to each of our customers.

As an industry leader, we provide specialized travel management solutions for the corporate, marine, and energy sectors. We also provide event management and solution services for corporate. Our extensive experience in the Marine and Energy specialist sector is unparalleled. Meeting the demands of an industry as complex as the shipping market requires a profound understanding of the challenges that the marine travel industry faces. Our specialist knowledge comes from many years of experience working within the shipping, airline, and travel industries.

We are proud of the fact that we have consistently evolved to meet the needs of our clients and nurtured long-term business partnerships. Our beliefs have developed based on what our clients have told us they value most about their relationship with GMO Travel.

" We believe that local, specialist knowledge is key in the industry, and we will be wherever our clients' business needs us to be."
Values We Stand for
What we at Global Marine and Offshore Travel believe in above all else.

Delivering travel solution for your business
In a world where the travel business is often focused on numbers, we believe that a personal approach is key to ensuring that each customer receives the most comprehensive and reliable solution for their business needs.

Customer Commitment
Innovative Technology

With a rich history, we provide our clients with stability and serve as a reliable partner that fulfills its commitments.
Experience and innovation based travel solution
Our office locations provide an advantage for covering various time zones with 24/7 support structure.
This helps us to service our clients anywhere, anytime through our trusted and close knit partners.
Network Locations
Satisfaction rate
This is what makes us happy and motivates us to see from our trusted partners.
Our experience has led us to a specialist service model that enables us to serve our clients with a more focused and results-oriented approach tailored to your business structure and operations.
GMO - Corporate Travel
For organization that deals with strict schedules, deadlines, client meetings, and personal time to be synchronized with travel plans.
For organizations that work on land and sea projects, where crew onboarding and rotation are crucial, especially ensuring safety in remote locations.
For organizations that wants to communicate a impactful message with events, seminars or product launch for internal or external audience.
GMO - Marine and Energy
GMO - Events
Our teams are highly experienced and qualified, well-connected, and constantly updating their knowledge in the ever-changing travel dynamics to provide you with the most efficient and timely services.
Everything that your business needs
Air Travel
Domestic and International airline tickets support for all airlines anywhere in the world. Our team of consultants will provide you cost effective options based on your preference and destination, taking into account all the conditions of the trip.
Land Travel
Our land services provide support for airport transfers and local taxis, with or without chauffeurs, to help you travel freely along with VIP travel support.
Visa and Immigrations
We provide comprehensive services and assistance in obtaining business, transit, tourist, and maritime visas for all countries
Accommodation booking service that allows you to book hotel and other type of properties for your stay anywhere in the world.
Ancillary Services

Right from the outset of your booking, GMO Travel Management offers a whole host of ancillary services making us truly a one-stop travel shop for both business travel and holidays. All are tailored to ensure you have a hassle-free trip
Train Travel
We provide the service of booking railway tickets within Russia and abroad.
Our platform offers clients an advanced system that sources competitive and cost-effective services, not only in the local market but also in the global market.
Global Network
Our team is our most important asset, enabling us to fulfill our promises with strong professional ethics and commitment, and to cultivate a friendly and positive work environment.
Allows us to seamlessly process and present information in real-time across any platform, such as traveler profiles, company profiles, SLAs, or travel itineraries, including quick updates and security alerts.
We have implemented protocols and regularly conduct system checks to protect client information throughout its entire life cycle, safeguarding it from corruption, theft, or unauthorized access.
Data Security
Our team of professional specialists works as an extension of your organization to help you achieve your goals.
Meet the people our clients trust
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Elena Nikolaychuk
Managing Director
Aleksandra Satangova
Operations Director
Abhinav Shukla
Sales Director
Artur Satangov
Head - Logistics & Immigration services
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Ilona Kachmazova
Head - Finance and accounts
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